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Commercial / Industrial Uniforms

Let us show you how an Industrial Uniform Program can:

  • Build company recognition
  • Increase worker morale
  • Provide safe clothing to work in

Advantages of a uniform rental program

  1. Safety- Our work place uniforms are manufactured to assist you with on the job safety. Loose fitting clothes or poorly designed clothing in the work place can lead to injuries and accidents.

  2. Image you want the public to see - Your employees project your company's image wherever they go on
    the job. Uniforms can display a clean professional appearance exactly the way you want the public see and recognize your company.

  3. Identification- Uniforms can create a secure way to recognize and identify your employees both in your company and at your customers place of business.

  4. Build team spirit- Your company can recognize and display team and individual achievements incorporated with a uniform program. Special training recognition, employee of the year, and years of service are just some of the possibilities.

  5. Employee benefit- Your employees will appreciate the additional benefit of not having the expense of wearing, washing and replacing their own clothing. Companys can tactfully eliminate having employees reporting to work dressed inappropriately.